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Q: How do I start a game?

A: Simply hold your racquet on the New button to start a new game at level 1/round 1, or select any level on the left of the console to try it with the Training button. Hold the racquet on the button you want to press. They will get pushed down slowly. Hold until the button is totally down and it will trigger. This is by design to avoid hitting a button by mistake while swinging the racquet.


Q: Does PingBall VR work only on HTC Vive?

A: PingBall is using OpenVR and is working and has been tested on both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift as long as you have at least one controller.


Q: Do I need both controllers to play?

A: Both Left and Right hand controllers will be recognized as individual racquet in the game. It is up to you to decide if you think it is easier to play with 1 or 2 racquets. Note that there is some collision detection between the racquets so you cannot intersect them to gain an advantage.


Q: What is the difference between “Training” and “New”?

A: Training offers you a way to try out any level you want and test it, but no score will be recorded. New will start a new game always at Level 1 / Round 1 and your score will be entered in the score board if you manage to beat your highest score.


Q: What is the “Resume” button for?

A: If you decide to quit in the middle of a game, your latest level/round completion will be saved and you can get back to the game at the beginning of the level where you left it. Your score will be preserved as well. Note that the Resume button will only be available if we detect a game has been ended before actual Game Over.


Q: Why can’t I see my high score in the score board anymore?

A: Scores are stored per difficulty to be comparable. Simply change the difficulty level and you will see the corresponding score board for each difficulty mode.


Q: How many different levels do you have?

A: We have currently 14 original different levels with increasing challenges, shapes and obstacles. These 14 levels compose what we call a round (it is displayed on the floating console next to the level number). After you completed all 14 levels of round 1, you enter round 2, and so on. Here are the rounds variation in gameplay:

  • Round 1: targets break in one hit
  • Round 2: targets need to be hit twice and reduce 20% in size
  • Round 3: targets need to be hit twice and reduce 40% in size
  • Round 4: same as 1 and targets pulsate by half
  • Round 5: same as 2 and targets pulsate by half
  • Round 6: same as 3 and targets pulsate by half
  • Round 7: you’ll never get there 🙂 !