Immersive Artz : Virtual Reality for Entertainement

The team:

CaptainZ :

Started programming in BASIC on a Commodore VIC-20 at the time where games were not available so you actually had to build your own 🙂 ! It was enough to catch the computer virus and follow that path as a software engineer career. Game development is still and always at the end of the day just a flavor of software development. As a fan of 3D, I will spare you the full story of before GPU era, then the always better GPU era to summarize. In short when I tried the Vive for the first time last year, I was hooked immediately! I got my own and started experimenting with it.

PingBall is the very first endeavor in that respect, with many more to come!



Got hooked on software development with a school project coding a controller to operate an elevator model! From there, graduated in computer science and spent years having fun in automation, developing software to control & monitor all kind of processes and spending nights at the office… playing Doom in network with colleagues :-). As the years went by, I specialized into UI and graphic software development in 2D and 3D. I ended-up doing all of that again for the Web. Fast forward to last year when I tried the HTC Vive of my good friend CaptainZ and I was sold on the technology and his idea to develop a game for it. Bought a Vive, a brand new computer, cleared a room of all furniture and the rest is history…

Beside that I do go out in the real world 🙂 Fishing, photography, having fun with my Mavic drone…



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